Michigan to New York & Back Again (The Painted Dogs)

On Saturday, The Painted Dogs (my punk band out of London, ON and Detroit, MI) traveled to New York for a show at the Mohawk Place in Buffalo. With our busy work and school schedules, we tend to be "Weekend Warriors". This means traveling to different states on the weekends for shows, leaving as soon as the work day is done and coming back just in time for Monday to roll around.

Sidewatcher's "Drive" is out now on Play-Yah Records!

If you haven't already heard our new album, you gotta check it out. Recorded and produced by Zak Mouton at Route 2 Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA and made with DIYphonic Sound, this 7 track album is a mix of Detroit's raw garage kick and the West Coast's surf vibes. The title track and first single off the album, "Drive", is a punkie song that sets the stage for the rest of the album. We have two instrumentals on the album, "Raw-Hide" and "Wipe Out", that blend with the rest of the music to keep your foot tapping.

Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 2

We have a special merch bundle available at the next couple of shows! While supplies last, be sure to pick up your own LIMITED EDITION (of 50) full-color Sidewatcher Zine Volume 2. This bundle includes the full-color zine with two extra pages, two 1-inch pins, and a download card for Otra Vez I & II!

Radio Submissions & Sidewatcher

Recently, I have been on the radio submission journey with my band Sidewatcher. How difficult can it be to send a few CDs to a couple of stations, right? (I probably just received a mass cringe from veteran radio submission-ers.) But honestly, let's think about it. Radio stations receive hundreds of submissions a week for airplay. What is going to make your band's music stand out from the rest?
As I write this blog, I hope to share my experience in submitting music thus far and what I have learned along the way as an artist working towards promotion.

Artwork for Otra Vez I & II

We just ordered our Otra Vez I & II physical albums!
In 2-3 short weeks, CD Baby will deliver the finished product right to our door, ready for some pretty cool listening. We decided to release this album as a combined CD, featuring Sidewatcher's first two singles Otra Vez I and Otra Vez IIOtra Vez I features "Keys To Your Heart" as Side A and "I Really Like You" as Side B. Otra Vez II features "Hey You" as Side A and "Have Love Will Travel" as Side B.

Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 1

I've finally uploaded Volume 1 of our Sidewatcher Zine to the digital world! Now all the pages are displayed beautifully as jpegs, available for your easy viewing pleasure. Physical copies of Volume 1 will still be available in person at shows.

What A Way: David Bowie

I had been subconsciously avoiding listening to "Blackstar". Every time I began the record I was conveniently distracted from the darker sound, which now turns out to be a final message to us all. What was I afraid of hearing?

The Painted Dogs: Recording at The Sugar Shack

At The Sugar Shack, Dylan and I ended up recording both our bass and drum tracks at once.  I was in one corner of the room, sitting behind a Ludwig kit, and Dylan was in another corner with his bass. My kit was mic'd as expected and Dylan's bass was both DI'd and mic'd. His amp was in the same room that Simon worked from, dividing us by thick glass doors. Chris was in a separate room, also divided by glass doors, for his guitar and vocals. Since we were just focusing on the drums and bass today, we could record both his vocals and guitar at once for reference tracks.