Sidewatcher's "Drive" is out now on Play-Yah Records!

We just released our newest album "Drive" on Play-Yah Records!

ZOE KISSEL BLOG WRITING MUSIC ON MONDAYS I LISTEN TO sidewatcher's drive is out now on play-yah records

If you haven't already heard our new album, you gotta check it out. Recorded and produced by Zak Mouton at Route 2 Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA and made with DIYphonic Sound, this 7 track album is a mix of Detroit's raw garage kick and the West Coast's surf vibes. The title track and first single off the album, "Drive", is a punkie song that sets the stage for the rest of the album. We have two instrumentals on the album, "Raw-Hide" and "Wipe Out", that blend with the rest of the music to keep your foot tapping.

Track 7 on the album is our "Album Credits" - spoken word liner notes. I talk a bit about each song on the album and the story behind the song choice.

Track Listing:
1. Drive
- I wanted to write a sexy song about cars, a track to cruise the open road with. Windows down, radio on. Drive the coast, rob a bank or two, just as long as you're not alone.

2. Surf Hell
- Very cool song I found while playing a video game. I love the bass and drums in this recording.

3. Alien Love Affair
- This is a song about my alien boyfriend. Our second date was the frozen food isle. His ray gun comes in handy with those TV dinners.

4. Raw-Hide
- Link Wray. I love this jam. One of my favorites.

5. California Strawberries
- Cali is a song about that guy you run into 7 years later. He never called you back. The only thing that changed is his shirt. Forget that guy.

6. Wipe Out
- Recording Wipe Out while in California... How could we resist? The Surfaris made history with this single in 1963. Their version has a sound imitating a cracking surfboard at the beginning. We have analog spring reverb emulating the crashing surf. Listen closely.

7. Album Credits

Our digital download of "Drive" is included with bonus items: Original Studio/Liner Notes and a 3 Page Zine.

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With the release of the album, we have also shared our official music video for "Drive". A DIYphonic Production, we filmed the video at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in California. This was such a fun video to shoot and edit. We used a GoPro HERO4 Silver to shoot the video and Adobe Premiere Pro to edit it.

Check it out!


We are also finishing up the final edits on a NEW short film/music video to be released this week! Stay tuned for the invasion... It's about my alien boyfriend.

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ZOE KISSEL BLOG WRITING MUSIC ON MONDAYS I LISTEN TO sidewatcher's drive is out now on play-yah records