Submissions (Music Reviews)

I am now accepting submissions for my "On Mondays I listen to..." album reviews!

Please read if you plan on sending music to to be considered for review. Thank you!

The address to send all review material to is:

Zoë Kissel
38 Abbot Rd.
Campbell Hall Room 328
East Lansing, MI 48825

• Music in the garage genre only, please! If you're not garage, I won't review it.
• Full album art is required for a review. If you also want to include a band photo in the package, even better. I tend to post band photos in my reviews.
• Only send analog music to be reviewed. That means physical vinyl and cassettes. Download cards, links, mp3 files, pre-releases, and CDs will not get reviewed.
• If you send material to me, you will not get it back. Reviews are promotion for your band.
• Put a postal address on each and every piece of music sent in. Mailing is expensive and I don't want to lose your work!
• Just because you send in music, that does not mean I will review it. Depending on the amount of submissions I am receiving, it will not be possible to review every album I receive. Before deciding whether or not to review a submission, I will listen to the album completely. I reserve the right to choose what I review.
• Reviews may take a while. My "On Mondays I listen to..." music reviews are published once a week, on Mondays. That means one review a week. If I decide to review you, I will contact you when the review is published.
• If you have any questions on submitting music, please the submissions page.

Thank you!