On Mondays I listen to... Be All, End All: Cortez Debut Album & "The Single" Music Video

Be All, End All is a female-fronted grunge rock band from San Diego, California.


They released their debut album Cortez on Play Yah Records in June 2016, recorded at Route 2 Recording Studios in Los Angeles.
Be All, End All features Carls Vertongen (Vocals), Carley Fischer (Rhythm Guitar), Jack Severson (Lead Guitar), Kaylee Kussman (Bass), and Hannah Silverstein (Drums).

Cortez is an angst-y, teen spirited album that highlights sexy, pop vocals floating on top of crunchy guitars. Think Courtney Love/Hole, Garbage, The Breeders, & Veruca Salt. Bonus points for all the girl power.


Cortez opens with Be All, End All's "Take Me, I'm Alive".
Vertongen's vocals draw the listener in with her "I-love-you-but-I-might-kill-you" voice and attitude. This song is what an introduction to an album should be, it gives a tease of what's to come. The lyrics, "You can touch me if you wanna. Maybe then I'll feel something", set the tone for the rest of the album.

Silverstein's drums on "Slair Bone" bring a punkie presence that makes you want to dance. Fischer's and Severson's powerful guitar riffs work seamlessly with the flowing vocals.

You'll be singing "Coke Fiend" before it's through. This is the first time a guitar solo is introduced on Cortez. The lead guitar has a great tone and style. I also love Kussman's energetic bass work in this song.

"Dominated Love Slave" is a super fun Green Day cover, for which Kussman provides a walking bass line that does justice to Mike Dirnt's work in Green Day. The backup vocals also add great atmosphere to this song.

"The Single" is a song that you "wake up, go to school, go to work, make money", and spend the entire day listening to. It's an ode to the reality of any teenager's life.

"57" has a great arrangement from the very start. It tricks the listener into believing you're getting a breather in the album, but never gives room for rest with the song's thought enticing lyrics.

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre" picks it up again. One word- badass.

"The Great Perception Change" has a bit of a surf vibe with the lead guitar. The song does a great job in finally bringing closure to the album. It's a song that accepts reality, growing up, and moving on.

Cortez is an album that shouts every thought that any teenager or 20-year-old has ever had. The music speaks for reality, depression, angst, love, sexuality, positivity, and more. Be All, End All has successfully blended the "cherry on top" vocals with dirty guitar, bass, drums, and lyrical undertones- a task which is easy to get lost in, especially for such new groups.

Be All, End All's Cortez is available for digital download/streaming on bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

Be All, End All also recently released a music video for "The Single", directed by Christopher Macken and produced by Play Yah Records. I love the concept and lighting for this video. Give it a watch below.

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Also, be sure to catch them at their next show, October 30th at The Irenic in San Diego with Melissa Brooks & The Aquadolls, Sizzy Rocket, Caroline, The Pink Slips, Jennie Vee, and Vajj.