Michigan to New York & Back Again (The Painted Dogs)

On Saturday, The Painted Dogs (my punk band out of London, ON and Detroit, MI) traveled to New York for a show at the Mohawk Place in Buffalo. With our busy work and school schedules, we tend to be "Weekend Warriors". This means traveling to different states on the weekends for shows, leaving as soon as the work day is done and coming back just in time for Monday to roll around.


Dylan and I left East Lansing on Friday morning and drove to Riverview, MI. We had a quick Sidewatcher rehearsal before packing for Buffalo. We ended up writing an impromptu song during rehearsal, which you can watch a video of here.

With Sidewatcher, it's always a bit difficult to get all three of us together to jam as the school year starts. When we finally get the chance, magic happens! This was a completely impromptu jam with the words, bass riff, and drums made up on the spot. We were in the middle of filming our rehearsal and happened to catch this on video. These unexpected rehearsal sessions are the best.

After rehearsal, we packed for The Painted Dogs. We generally keep everything organized to make this process as smooth as possible. The packing turns more into double checking, making sure we have all the drums, cymbals, guitars, amps, basses, pedal boards, etc.

Saturday morning we loaded the truck and hit the road. From Riverview, it is about a six hour ride to Buffalo, NY. I always plan on doing schoolwork in the car, but end up listening to music and sleeping instead...

We arrived in Buffalo, checked into the hotel, had a bite to eat, and took a quick nap before heading to the venue. When we have more time, we typically take a walk around the city but a nap overruled the exploring that day.

Buffalo's Mohawk Place is a very cool dive bar/music venue and place-to-go for local concert seekers. The show started at 9PM, with Dead Lounge (Buffalo, NY) hitting off the night. Their drummer was super energetic in his playing and props to the guitarist and bassist for being twins (sibling musicians rock).

Our good friends and talented musicians Dirty Jeans (Burlington, ON) were the other touring/weekend warrior band for the night. It was so great to catch up with them and finally play another show together. Last summer they joined us on our Canadian Psychomania Tour and ever since we have been looking forward to playing with them again.


We played third in the line-up for the night. I had such a blast at this show! The crowd was dancing and the sound was great (Thanks sound guy Todd). I always have fun playing shows, but everything is less stressful when the monitors work behind the drums and I can hear all the instruments clearly. The Mohawk Place did a wonderful job in making this happen.

Governess (Buffalo, NY) finished the night with a bang, eyeliner and all. They were a punk, badass band you couldn't help but move to.


After the show, we wrapped things up and loaded the truck once more. We drove back to the hotel, ate some microwavable noodles, and called it a night.

9AM the next morning we hit the road again, bound for East Lansing, MI. Six hours later, we stopped in Riverview to unload the gear. We hopped back in the car and drove two more hours to Michigan State.

Now it's Monday, and another week has begun. It's funny because you would never be able to tell that we traveled to New York over the weekend, played a show, and drove back the next day. The only evidence is the faint outline of Xs still on the back of my hands. For me, being a Weekend Warrior is one of the coolest things you can do. I get to live my day-to-day life during the week and travel the country on the weekends, playing music in front of completely new crowds. I get to see places that I have never seen before, meet new people, and have unforgettable experiences.

Watch the calendar for my upcoming shows, with both The Painted Dogs and Sidewatcher. Who knows, we might be playing in your state next!

My upcoming shows for October & November 2016:
October 22 - Springwater Supper Club and Lounge - Nashville, TN (The Painted Dogs w/ Governess & more)
November 4 - This Ain't Hollywood - Hamilton, Ontario (The Painted Dogs w/ Dirty Jeans & more)
November 5 - Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI (Sidewatcher w/ Narc Out The Reds & more)