Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 2

Our June 2016 Sidewatcher Zine is released to the digital world!

Now all the pages are displayed beautifully as jpegs, available for your easy viewing pleasure. Physical copies of Volume 2 and previous volumes will still be available in person at shows. Also, if you are absolutely dying to have your own physical copy, send us an email at or shoot us a Facebook message.

In this release I am also including the alternate color versions for the zine. Physical copies are generally in traditional black and white, so viewing the zine in color is an extra treat!

Starting with Volume 2 for June 2016, there is going to be a brand new zine released every 2nd day of the month. Sidewatcher Zine is your go to read for band updates, music infused articles, tour dates, lyrics, and art!

UPDATE 06/15/2016:

We have a special merch bundle available at the next couple of shows!

While supplies last, be sure to pick up your own LIMITED EDITION (of 50) full-color Sidewatcher Zine Volume 2. This bundle includes the full-color zine with two extra pages, two 1-inch pins, and a download card for Otra Vez I & II!


Now, without further ado, Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 2.

Table of Contents:
Cover Page (Back & Front)
Couch Culture June 2016
Otra Vez I & II
Time Cassette
Radio Submissions & Sidewatcher
Coming Back (Again)
Upcoming Shows & Art

Sidewatcher Zine Volume 2. June 2016.
Copyright Sidewatcher & Broken Jaw Studios 2016.
Zine by Zoë.
Words & Music by Zoë Kissel/Sidewatcher.

And thank you as always for your support! Read a zine, share a zine, tell your friends about this zine! Because of you we are able to share our art…