Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 1

I've finally uploaded Volume 1 of our Sidewatcher Zine to the digital world!

Now all the pages are displayed beautifully as jpegs, available for your easy viewing pleasure. Physical copies of Volume 1 will still be available in person at shows. Also, if you are absolutely dying to have your own physical copy, send us an email at or shoot us a Facebook message.

I am currently working on the creation of Volume 2. Volume 2, just like Volume 1, will be available physically in person and for viewing online.

Along with the physical releases of Otra Vez, I am thinking of including zines as bonus items... What do you all think? Leave me a comment below.

Now, without further ado, Sidewatcher Zine: Volume 1.

Table of Contents:
Cover Page (Back & Front)
Alien Love Affair
Trip (Parts I, II, & III)
California Strawberries & Too Much
Hey You
Going Steady & I Really Like You

Copyright Sidewatcher 2015.
Zine by Zoë.
Music & lyrics written & performed by Sidewatcher.
Broken Jaw Studios.

And thank you as always for your support! Because of kind fans like you we are able to share our art...

Enjoy the zine.