On Mondays I listen to... The Old Paints: Girl

My "On Mondays I listen to..." album of the week is The Old Paints' newest single, Girl (October 2016). Girl is the band's latest release, following their successful 2015 album This Machine. Fans of the band's previous work will be delighted with Girl and its yummy pop-y, garage-y, rock & roll-y goodness. If you haven't heard Girl, This Machine, or any of The Old Paints' releases yet, drop everything and listen now.

On Mondays I listen to... Cutty Flam: Shapes of Sound

The "On Mondays I listen to..." album of the week is Cutty Flam's sophomore album, Shapes of Sound (May 2017). The trio's new full-length album was released on May 26th at The Hi Hat in Los Angeles, California. Cutty Flam's Shapes of Sound is a retro, prom rock/punk album for the lover of slick 1950s grooves and weird candy-coated, rockabilly-twisted daydreams.

On Mondays I listen to... Whatever the Weather: Phonophobia

This week’s “On Mondays I listen to…” music review features Whatever the Weather and their newest (July 2016) release, Phonophobia. The five song EP acts as an antithesis to its own name, which means "...a fear of loud sounds, a fear of voices, or a fear of one's own voice." Whatever the Weather's Phonophobia EP is a melancholic diary on coincidental life.

On Mondays I listen to... Ryan Frailich: Beauty Queen

This week's "On Mondays I listen to..." music review features Ryan Frailich and his newest (January 2017) single, Beauty Queen. The much-anticipated single was released on January 14th and it couldn't have been better timed. As the Detroit winter carries on, Beauty Queen sends dreams of sticky, sweet, summer-y goodness from the West Coast.

On Mondays I listen to... Cosmic Light Shapes: Nebula

The accomplished trio has approached Nebula with a spaced-out psychedelic garage vibe, suggesting a feeling of dystopian blues. The listener is hypnotized by the world that Cosmic Light Shapes has introduced within the album. Nebula is just "far out" enough for you to be a visitor to the galaxy, but not a stranger.

On Mondays I listen to... The Alien Dogs: Undertow

For this week's "On Mondays I listen to..." album review, we will be checking out The Alien Dogs' newest (July 2016) release, Undertow. The five-song EP is the second release by The Alien Dogs, a follow up to their pop-punk EP PointBlank. Fans of PointBlank will be thrilled with The Alien Dogs' evolution of angsty lyrics and punk progressions in Undertow. This time around, The Alien Dogs have brought a surf vibe to the mix, extremely reminiscent of California's West Coast scene.

On Mondays I listen to… Narc Out The Reds: Lipstick On My Cholera & Solitaire in the Tiny Hours

Narc Out The Reds' 10-inch record features two songs, "Lipstick On My Cholera" and "Solitaire in the Tiny Hours". Both tracks are epic movements that clock in at just under ten minutes each. The songs are emotionally driven, which evokes a deeper listening experience with the complexity of each musicians' parts. For Lipstick On My Cholera & Solitaire in the Tiny Hours think Smashing Pumpkins' arrangements meets Matt Bellamy's vocals meets Television's revolutionary Marquee Moon.

On Mondays I listen to… Mummula: The Rise of Mummula

The Rise of Mummula is an album full of supernatural fun, featuring classic surf guitar floating on top of throbbing drums and driving bass. The keyboard/organ adds a color that carries each song, balancing the sounds of 60s surf and Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor". For the instrumentals on this album, think Avengers VI's "Time Bomb", The Chantays' "Pipeline", or The Ventures' "Walk Don't Run".

On Mondays I listen to... Manray: Psychedelic Jesus

If you love their album, you have to see them live. The energy of Manray's recorded music is tenfold on stage. Their live show has a commanding presence that hypnotizes the listener as they fall under the waves of Manray's cult-ish rhythms, accentuated by a constant tambourine dance.
You can't help but move along.