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Summer 2017: Update #7

Summer 2017: Update #7

This past week has been a busy week for my succulents!
I continued the process of transferring my succulents into larger planters to give them plenty of room to grow during the summer months. I also did some clean up work on my plants. The succulents pictured below finally got some much-needed attention.


I transferred both cacti into new planters and cleaned up my moon cactus. The grafted red cactus seedling died months ago and the arms began to lose color and wilt a few weeks ago. I gave what was left of the moon cactus a fresh trim to see if any progress could be made. In the short time of seven days, I could already see positive growth on many of my tended to plants.

These succulent pups have been growing on the mother stem for about a year now. Their own stems have finally gotten long enough for me to transfer them into their own pots. Look how beautiful their rosettes are!

One of my oldest succulents was getting leggy and starting to not do very well. I harvested the bottom leaves for propagation and am drying/callousing over the top rosette to prepare the succulent to be planted again, this time with a shorter stem.


In addition to the new leaves, I had been keeping a pot of succulent leaves for propagation, mixed with a few young succulents. I finally moved the leaves to their own strictly-propagation planter. There is already baby succulent growth on many of the leaves.


For this week, I also want to include a growth/new planter update for some of my plants. I moved my newest lithop and cactus from their store containers to new planters.

My lithops are continuing to stretch and make room for new babies.

Check out the growth on my Madagascar Palm. These pictures are from the beginning of summer until now. So many healthy leaves in only a few months!


For cacti growing, this is my favorite time of year. Tiny purple buds are beginning to show, meaning new arms soon. Last summer, the new arms grew unbelievably fast. I am excited to see their progress this year.

I finally moved this little guy outdoors. He's a quick growing baby from the mother plant above.

I am also very happy to share that my plants finally have their own home with plenty of space to grow and expand! This cart is perfect for protection from animals, easy watering, and plenty of sunlight access. And, if I ever need to move my plants, I can just wheel the cart!


I am considering purchasing some succulent and lithop seeds from online sellers. If anyone has any recommendations on stores, or germination advice, please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Summer 2017: Update #6

Summer 2017: Update #6