Summer 2017: Update #6

I love waking up to see that my cacti and succulents are happy and healthy after some light rain showers during the night. This little guy in particular looked extra refreshed.


I decided not to feed my plants this week since it rained, but I will give them fertilizer again next week. The fertilizer that I use, and talked about in my last update, is supposed to be mixed with water. Since my plants already got a drink last night, and still have moist soil this morning, I don't want to feed them in fear of over-watering.

I also wanted to share a quick growth update/some exciting baby succulent news in this week's post.

My Madagascar Palm is looking healthier than ever with big, green palm leaves growing on it.


Some recently propagated leaves have began to grow, sending tiny pink roots into the soil below. I have propagated leaves like the left and right ones from their mother plant before, but I have never propagated from the middle leaf's mother plant. It will be interesting to see how the baby succulent grows.

My lithops have babies! Last summer, I found these lithops at a street fair/farmer's market in Huntington Beach, CA.  They grew an unbelievable amount in just under a year. If you look in the middle of these lithops, you can see them beginning to split to make room for the baby lithops inside. The current "outside" lithop will eventually wilt and die, leaving a protective shell for the new lithop as it becomes accustomed to living in the outside world.

Until next time,