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Summer 2017: Update #5

Summer 2017: Update #5

Over the weekend we took a trip to Schwartz's Greenhouse and picked up some mixed marigolds (my favorite), begonias, garden vegetables, and new succulent friends!

I chose a tiny cactus and a lithop with two babies inside.

Our garden for the summer will consist of Beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, California Wonder bell peppers, eggplants, zucchini, and yellow squash. Perfect for grilling with a bit of olive oil and seasonings...

The majority of Saturday was spent by Dylan digging holes for fence posts. Unfortunately, we've been having rabbit problems and decided to put a fence around the garden this year.

We rotate where we plant the vegetables every year and this year we swapped the usual squash area with the tomato area. We also divided the garden into four sections, with a cross in the middle. Normally, there are only three sections with two dividers.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally planted the garden. It looks so happy and healthy after a long drink.


This morning I watered and fed my cacti. After doing some research, I determined that Miracle-Gro's Succulent Plant Food would be the best choice for a fertilizer. It comes in a pump bottle and works for cacti too. The directions say to either apply directly to the soil (one pump for small pots, two pumps for larger pots) then water as usual or with a watering can mix eight pumps per quart of water and water as usual. For both cases, the plants are supposed to be fed every two weeks. I decided to use the watering can mix application since some of my planters are very small.

Hopefully it'll give my cacti and succulents a much-needed pick me up as they get used to living outside.

Until next time,

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