Summer 2017: Update #4

Happy, happy news!
I am finally able to transfer my succulents and cacti outdoors!

After watching the weather for weeks, I decided that it was a warm enough temperature to leave my plants outside. It will still probably thunderstorm with my luck, but I figure that I can do the same solution that I did last year- carry my plants into the garage and wait for the storm to pass.

This morning, I have been working on sizing up and exchanging planters for some of my plants. I also replaced old, worn out soil and filled up any planters that were lacking. The soil I used was the same potting mix that I have used before, a fast-draining cactus, palm, and citrus formula.

I wanted to share a growth update, as well as photos of the before and after planter transfer.


Check out these lithops! A few months ago, I noticed some damage on one of them. Originally I thought that it was having a baby, but after more observation nothing was growing and it only seemed to continue to "rot". I assumed over-watering had occurred and I was concerned that it could spread to the other lithops. Today, as I was transferring them into a new pot, I noticed that there is a baby growing inside! My lithop isn't actually dying, thank god. I only hope that me poking at it this whole time hasn't hurt it.

For the rest of the summer, my cacti and succulents will be living outside in their new locations. With their new pots and fresh soil, I can tell that there is a lot of potential. I am so excited to see how much they grow the next three months!

Until next time,