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Summer 2017: Update #1

Summer 2017: Update #1

Happy (almost) summer!

College has been out for a little less than a week now and it's the perfect time to get ahead on my summer succulent/cacti/gardening blog. This summer break I plan to update the blog weekly, at the very least with growth updates. I was thrilled to see how much my plants grew last summer and cannot wait to see the progress this summer.

In the upcoming posts, I also plan on including photos of the soon-to-be-planted vegetable garden in my backyard, as well as growth updates and notable changes.

Since we are on the subject, let's start with a growth update.

The photos on the left are the final progress photos I took last summer and the photos on the right are current. There has been a bit of growth over the winter and I definitely need to transfer some plants to bigger pots once it is warm outside.

The "upper" plant has died, but the "base" plant is growing two new arms.

One of my lithops seems to have some damage. I initially thought it was from over-watering, but since the rot is not spreading to the other side of the lithop, I am not entirely sure what the cause is. Perhaps this is a defense mechanism of the plant?

How pretty are the blooms on this barrel cactus?
I've had this cactus for about two years and this is the second season that it has bloomed. It looks like there are plenty more flowers to come too, based on the amount of buds that can be seen.

Unfortunately, I lost some of my favorite plants over the winter, either due to over-watering or frost.

On a more positive note, I have also welcomed some new cacti/succulents to the family! Aren't they adorable?

This is a Madagascar Palm my parents bought for me a few months ago at Detroit's Eastern Market.

These lithops are so tiny! I just picked up these happy babies from Lowe's a few days ago.


These baby succulents are propagated from a mother succulent in one of Michigan State University's learning greenhouses.


I am not entirely sure of this plant's name, but one of my friends gave it to me at school.


This container is full of Giant Joshua Tree and Giant Saguaro Cactus seeds. The seeds are from two kits I found at a touristy Native American Trading Post in Oklahoma off of Route 66 last summer.

The first seed has sprouted! A baby Joshua Tree!


I am currently keeping my plants indoors, in direct sunlight and watering them once a week, until it is warm enough for them to live outside. I am hoping that I will be able to transfer them within the next few weeks. I also am going to research what to feed them this summer in order to get the maximum potential out of the season. I will share my findings in the following posts.

Until next time,

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Summer 2017: Update #2

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