Summer 2016: Update #7

Well, I am successfully moved into Campbell Hall. It is almost three weeks into the semester and it already smells like fall. Although I am not entirely looking forward to the winter, as I hate the grey and being cold all the time, I am excited to see how my succulents will react in the spring. The winter is like hibernation for them. They store up energy, bloom in the spring, and their growth accelerates in the summer.

These photos are of my windowsill, looking onto Grand River Avenue. My plants are happy in the morning light. Soon I'll have to keep the windows closed though, to protect them from frost.

In the fall and winter months my propagation blog updates will slow, as do the plants' growth, but I will be sure to post occasionally with updates of blooming and anything exciting that occurs.

Until then...


Also: If you are looking for a step-by-step how to guide on propagation, be sure read "Propagating Succulents" on Needles + Leaves. They have a super helpful article that's easy to follow!