Summer 2016: Update #4

Today is July 13th and it is the perfect day for a growth update!
The sun is shining and the weather is warm...

I cannot believe how happy my succulents and cacti look. I feel that whenever I return home after a long weekend it appears as if they have doubled in size.

I am going to keep this update short and sweet with a few photographs of the current state of my succulents. I do have exciting news though, in a few weeks I will be traveling through the South to the West Coast. I look forward to collecting new additions for my garden from every state along the way... I will share my finds when I get back!

As you can see in the photos, a couple of my succulents have started growing pups, or baby succulents, on their stems. I am going to have to research how to remove the pups and turn them into their own plants, as I don't want the mother plant to get too crowded.

I will share my research in an upcoming post...