Summer 2016: Update #3

Well, this update does not bring the greatest of news. I left my leaves in the sun over a long weekend and they became completely scorched. The tops of the leaves were completely browned, and while the under still had a bit of green showing, it was not enough to save. There is always next time I suppose.

I am pretty bummed that my succulent leaves did not stay healthy. I was hoping for a bunch baby succulents by this time, but unfortunately nature and ill care got in the way. It's nearly impossible to get a perfect batch, but I was at least hoping for a few babies from the leaves. Next time I attempt propagating I will keep my leaves indoors near a window with indirect sunlight. Very important step, I have discovered...

On another and happier note, the rosette I beheaded and replanted is growing beautifully! It has remained healthy and has grown new roots within it's soil. I cannot wait until new leaves appear!

Also, my stem is growing a baby succulent! I am thrilled about this. Isn't it adorable? The fresh, pink color makes the succulent look so happy.

Finally, I wanted to share a picture of the cacti I am currently propagating. These were all clippings I took about a couple of weeks ago. I left them to callous and temporarily forgot about them. When I ended up remembering to check them, roots had already starting growing on the middle cactus before planting. How exciting!


The tooth picks around the two end cacti are helping them stand straight since the roots have not taken hold yet. I am leaving these cacti indoors just to be extra cautious... Hopefully I will have better luck with them!