Summer 2016: Update #2

Today is planting day! It took about 7 days for the ends of my leaves and rosette to dry out and callous over. Now it is safe to place them back into the soil.

I'm going to be using a Cactus, Palm, & Citrus Potting Mix for my soil. I suggest using a well-draining cactus or succulent soil since you want to keep the leaves fairly dry until they take root. I am keeping my leaves outside in a place with lots of indirect sunlight. I'll keep an eye on them and bring them indoors if a storm is coming. I don't want them to get flooded while they are still getting acclimated to their new home.

I am placing my leaves in a white planter and the rosette back into the green planter, from where it originally came.

So, first things first. Rosette with calloused end back into it's original home. Look how happy it is!

Now for the leaves. They will be laid flat onto moist soil. I'm keeping the leaves fairly close, but leaving the ends enough space for future growth.  In a few weeks little pink roots will sprout from the ends of the leaves and baby succulents should begin to grow!


I can't wait until the roots take hold and new plants emerge! I will be watering the leaves very rarely until the babies appear.

With this update I am also sharing some pictures of my cacti. The needles look healthy and the tops have fresh growth. They are loving the summer sunshine!