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Juice Production Newsletter #8

Juice Production Newsletter #8

Thank you for subscribing to our weekly Juice Production Newsletter! Support for our film on any scale is much appreciated. You being interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes helps us to spread the word about our film and reach all audiences possible.

For new subscribers, welcome!
I’m Zoë Kissel, the director, editor, and writer of the upcoming short film, Juice.

Juice is a short neo-noir, science fiction film following a young addict’s growing withdrawal and the fatal decision she makes to get high once more. The film takes place in the futuristic world of CityComInfo (CCI). In response to the government-halted heroin epidemic, the black market manufactures a new drug to satisfy the junkies’ enduring hunger to feel that same high. Juice is a drug that hooks people with a single injection. The high itself is much more deadly than the heroin of the past.

For returning readers, thanks for sticking around! Enjoy Juice Production Newsletter #8.

The visual…
This past week, all departments of Juice have been working very hard to complete the film in time for its upcoming release.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

I finished creating all of the visual effects for the film, including the charge in Holder 2371’s gun, muzzle flash, glowing goggles, a glitching Tattle Tale mouse, and trippy drug-induced double exposure/pushing the highlights effects. All of the work I did for Juice was done frame by frame to ensure proper integration between the visual effects and already existing environment.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter
Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

For Violet’s high scenes, I was inspired by the television series Dexter. The main character, Dexter, often talks to his deceased father, reliving the past. During these scenes, the highlights become extremely bright, giving a surreal and dreamy effect. I felt this would be perfect when combined with multiple “exposures” to create Violet’s “high effect”.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Next on my to-do list is color grading. In Juice Production Newsletter #3, we talked about orange and teal color grading and the power of complimentary colors. I will now apply the orange and teal theme throughout Juice to give it a beautiful, rich, and cohesive color scheme, while still embracing the natural colors of the film.

…and the audio
Dylan has been working on the film’s sound design and is now in the stage of adjusting the levels and panning, which are important in making the sound fit with the movie. It’s a balancing act- when Violet is close to the camera she should be louder than when she is further away from the camera, yet she still needs to be a reasonably audible level. The dialog levels also have to fit with breathing, crinkling wrappers, footsteps, etc., all while still leaving room for the soundtrack to swell.

In the past week, Juice’s soundtrack has also been completed! Christian has written four beautiful tracks for us that flow perfectly with the movie. It was a very powerful moment when Christian sent the soundtrack and we listened for the very first time. Juice as a film became all the more real, which speaks not only to the power of music in films, but also this particular soundtrack.

Juice (Original Soundtrack by Christian Kolo) Track Listing
1. Main Titles
2. A Sigh
3. The Confrontation and Ending
4. End Credits

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Coming Soon!
As we near the end of Juice’s post-production, I want to remind all newsletter subscribers to keep an eye on their email inbox. Sunday, March 18th, you will receive an exclusive link and password for your very own pre-screening of Juice!

The following week, Friday, March 23rd, we will be releasing Juice to the public via Vimeo, so take advantage of your early screenings while you can. We will also be releasing promotional trailers for the film between now and March 23rd through our Facebook page, If you haven’t already, be sure to give our Facebook page a like to stay instantly updated on all things Juice.

Attention Film Patrons:
Your patron packages have shipped!
If you have met the reward level of $25 or above, you will be receiving your patron package via FedEx very soon. Included in rewards $25 and above is a hand-signed, official Juice poster. We printed them last week and they look fantastic.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Thank you again to our film patrons for your contribution to Juice! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out for your Patron Credit. And, for our Associate Producers, look for your name on both the official Juice poster and in the end credits of the film when it is released. With film patrons like you we are able to bring the world of Juice to life. Thank you for continuing to be supportive of and interested in our creative work.

If you have any questions about Juice or the film’s production, please feel free to send them in an email to with the subject “QUESTION SUBMISSION”. Unless requested otherwise, I will answer the questions publicly within the next newsletter.

Until next time,

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter
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