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Juice Production Newsletter #4

Juice Production Newsletter #4

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Thank you for subscribing to our weekly Juice Production Newsletter! Support for our films on any scale is much appreciated. You being interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes helps us to spread the word about our film and reach all audiences possible.

For new subscribers, welcome! I’m Zoë Kissel, the director, editor, and writer of the upcoming short film, Juice. Juice is a sci-fi, neo-noir, futuristic, short film taking place in the world of CityComInfo (CCI). City is the people, Com is the closely watched communication between the people, and Info is the information that “they” choose the public to receive. In response to the government-halted heroin epidemic of the future, a new drug is being manufactured to satisfy the junkies’ enduring want to feel that same high. Juice is a drug that hooks people with a single injection. The high itself is much more potent than the heroin of the past. The film Juice follows a young addict’s growing withdrawal and the fatal decision that she makes to get high once more.

And for returning readers, thanks for sticking around! Enjoy this week’s Juice Production Newsletter #4.

Meet Our Cast & Crew!
I would like to spend the majority of this week’s newsletter giving recognition to the fantastic cast and crew of Juice. The film would not be possible without their commitment and hard work. I have found that sometimes it can get a bit confusing reading the credits after a film with official titles such as “best boy”, “rigger”, or even “property master”. As I introduce you to each member of our cast and crew, I will explain what their credits mean to alleviate some of the confusion of who-does-what on a movie set.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Zoe Kissel

As the director, writer, and editor of Juice, my job is to guide the film through all creative stages of production. I visualize the story and determine how the actors and crew will bring the plot to life. In post-production, I edit the footage to make a cohesive film through choices of cuts and other editing techniques, including color grading and visual effects.

“Working on Juice thus far has been both an irreplaceable and unforgettable experience. Seeing the progress and growth of an initial concept transforming into a screenplay that transforms into an even more gratifying production with actors, props, sets, and a crew that is determined to succeed is an absolutely unbelievable feeling. It is such a great opportunity to be able to share the ideas within our minds on the screen before you. As Juice reaches completion, I know that the spirit of determination and focus established on set will continue to thrive in post-production. As thrilling as the filming of Juice was, the proud breath of relief that the cast and crew gave following "That's a wrap!" was even better.”

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Dylan Kissel
Violet’s Brother/Supervising Sound Designer/Property Master/Special Effects Supervisor

Meet Dylan –
Dylan is a musician, producer, recording engineer, and sound designer. He began recording and producing music in 2012, as a way to further the creation of his own sound. Currently living in East Lansing, Michigan, Dylan attends Michigan State University where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Information. He is a co-creator of Broken Jaw Studios, a true multi-media production company located in the Detroit area, as well as a co-creator of Silver Saucer Productions and DIYphonic Sound. Dylan records, mixes, masters, and produces at Broken Jaw Studios. He also functions as the supervising sound designer, prop master, gaffer, and key grip for Silver Saucer Productions.

In Juice, Dylan plays the role of Violet’s protective brother. He is also the supervising sound designer for the film, meaning that he supervises the process of acquiring and manipulating the sound of the production, as well as creating additional audio elements through foley art. Foley is the reproduction of sounds that would be found in a film’s environment and the synchronizing of them with the film’s visuals. At the simplest level, the hoof steps of a horse can be reproduced through the sound of coconut shells striking each other or another surface. As the property master of Juice, Dylan is also responsible for designing and producing the props needed for the film. On set, Dylan also acted as the special effects supervisor, overseeing all of the physical effects, as well as ensuring that they were executed safely.

“It was wonderful to be able to work with the entire cast and crew during the making of Juice. I am excited to design Juice’s soundscape as post-production continues.”

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Anthony Picciuto
Holder 2371/Special Effects Technician

Meet Anthony “AJ” –
AJ is currently a junior at University of Michigan Dearborn studying Digital Forensics. In Juice, AJ plays the role of Holder 2371, a cyborg drug dealer of the future. AJ was also a special effects technician for the film. Special effects technicians work with the special effects supervisor to produce visual and physical effects for a film. In AJ’s case, he operated the fog machines to provide Juice with the neo-noir mood that was introduced on set.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Leila Kissel
Aunt Marcy/Production Assistant/Production Stills/Craft Services

Meet Leila –
In Juice, Leila plays the role of Violet’s Aunt Marcy. She is also Juice’s production assistant and was in charge of craft services and production stills during the shoots. A production assistant’s job is to help with anything that is needed on set. Leila did everything from operating the CCI ComBox backstage to taking behind-the-scenes photos, many of which are featured in the Juice Production Newsletters. Leila also provided craft services throughout production, taking on the important task of guaranteeing that the cast and crew were never without pizza.

“I am so glad that I was able to help with the production and craft services, as well as act in Juice. The all-night shoot was a lot of fun!”

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Russ Kissel
Director of Photography/Production Designer/1st Assistant Director

Meet Russ –
Russ is the director of photography, production designer, and 1st assistant director for Juice. The director of photography is a cinematographer who works very closely with the film’s director. As the director of photography (DP), Russ was responsible for capturing the desired scenes, as well as choosing the camera lenses and shot composition for each take. DPs often design the lighting for films too. Russ also worked as Juice’s production designer, meaning that he was in charge of designing the overall look and atmosphere of the world of CityComInfo through aesthetically pleasing visual choices and the designing and manufacturing of a multitude of props.

“I have always been interested in the building of props for the film industry. The film Juice challenged me to build both static and dynamic props. Dylan and I were able to design and build our props using state of the art technologies including Rhino design software, 3D printers, CNC machines, EL Wire, and the Arduino platform. For me, prop building is art with a purpose.”

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Adam Giammarusti
Best Boy Electric/Boom Operator/Rigger

Meet Adam –
During the filming of Juice, Adam worked as the best boy electric, boom operator, and rigger. Best boys are generally the chief assistant to the head of their department, whether it be Grip or Electric. There are no “best girls” in the film industry; female chief assistants are also credited as “best boys”. Boom operators are a part of the sound crew and work under the direction of the supervising sound designer. As a boom operator, Adam operated the boom mic to record the actors’ dialogue during filming. Adam also worked as a rigger for Juice. Riggers are responsible for the setting up and tearing down of sets before and after each scene/location change.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Ann Kissel
Script Supervisor/Set Dresser

Meet Ann –
Ann is a mother of three college students and a third grade teacher. Ann worked as the script supervisor and set dresser for Juice. Throughout the shoot, Ann tracked what had been filmed and what was still left to be filmed. She also took notes on continuity and any changes to the shot list, as well as keeping track of the number of takes per scene. As the set dresser, Ann maintained the set to ensure that there was continuity with the visuals and storytelling. One of Ann’s main jobs was to re-wet the pavement with a hose in between each take.

“Working behind the scenes on the set of Juice made me truly appreciate the details that go into the production of a film!”

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Arianna Kissel
Stand-In for Violet/2nd Assistant Camera/Juice Technical Advisor

Meet Arianna –
Arianna is currently in her last year of nursing school. During the production of Juice, Arianna was the stand-in for Violet. As a stand-in, Arianna helped with blocking where Violet would stand and move during the scene. Blocking helps with camera placement and the focusing of shots. Arianna was also the 2nd assistant camera. This means that she used the clapboard/slate to record the scene and take numbers. As the juice technical advisor, Arianna was responsible for researching and acquiring the proper and convincing “juice” paraphernalia, along with helping the actors and the believability of their methods.

“I had a great time helping with the production of Juice. It was an experience that I will never forget. I am so happy that I got to be part of such an awesome cast and crew- the whole process was a blast!”

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Jeremiah Kissel
Best Boy Grip/Boom Operator/Special Effects Technician

Meet Jeremiah –
Jeremiah is a freshman at Eastern Michigan University. He was the best boy grip, boom operator, and special effects technician during the filming of Juice. As the best boy grip, Jeremiah worked with the director of photography to help achieve proper lighting for the shots. He also rotated shifts as a boom operator, recording the actors’ dialogue. Jeremiah’s job as a special effects technician was manipulating dry ice in order to create rising fog off of the wet pavement.

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Marcia Kissel

Meet Marcia –
Marcia was in charge of making sure that Juice’s continuity made sense. For example, if in a certain scene a light was turned on, it would not make sense if in the next scene the light was off. A continuity checker’s job is to ensure that visuals, events, and contexts make sense from shot to shot, to avoid confusing the viewer and provide believability to the story.

“Working on Juice was truly educational, fun, and a very rewarding experience. The cast, crew, and set were amazing and very professional.”

R.J. Kissel
Special Effects Technician/Rigger

Meet R.J. –
R.J. was a special effects technician and rigger for Juice. As a special effects technician, he operated the fog machines. R.J. also helped with the set up and tear down for the film.

“Working on the film Juice was a phenomenal experience! Just a ton of fun!”

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Tattle Tale
As Itself

Meet Tattle Tale –
Tattle Tale is a decommissioned monitoring robot. Working tattletale mice will report to CCI on specific keywords heard that violate the CCI protocol. Tattle Tale somehow managed to get off of the grid and now spends its days driving from charging port to charging port, feeding on the free energy. When people recognize that a tattletale mouse is decommissioned, they will spray-paint a red “X” on the robot to signal that it is retired.


Next time you watch a movie, take a moment to sit through the credits and appreciate all of the different jobs and people that go into the making of a film. While we had eleven people on the cast and crew for Juice, many productions require hundreds of people, not including extras.

Film Patrons Shout Out!
I want to give a huge thank you to this week’s featured film patrons! Thank you so much for your contribution to Juice. With film patrons like you we are able to bring the world of Juice to life. Thank you for continuing to be supportive of and interested in our creative work.

Thank You:
John & Jennifer Garcia
Durk Dunham
Connie Spencer

Want to help support Juice? Become a film patron!
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Why We Need Your Support

  • Not only are we independent filmmakers, we are students. This means that while we are writing, shooting, and editing our films, we are also attending school.
  • We want to send Juice to film festivals to help extend our reach to new audiences around the globe. With each festival, a submission fee is required.
  • We want to make each project better than the last. Your support can help us invest in the proper cinematic equipment to make the best film possible.
  • And of course, we want to continue to make films. We have found our passion and a way to wake up and love what we do every day. With the support to do so, endless worlds can be created and infinite ideas can be achieved.

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Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

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$100 – Associate Producer Credit & Holder 2371 Goggles!
At our top donation tier, you will receive an Associate Producer Credit in the end credits of our film, showing your support for Juice and independent artists alike. Also included is a pair of CCI Holder Desig Goggles, like the ones worn by Holder 2371 in the film!
(Goggle color may vary.)
You will also receive all previous rewards. Thank you so much!
Items Included:

  • Personal Thank You
  • Juice Production Newsletter Subscription
  • Social Media Shout Out
  • Juice Poster (Hand-Signed by the director, Zoë Kissel)
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Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter
Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter

Composing Our Stories – Award of Recognition!
In other news, I am so happy to announce that I have won an Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition for my Documentary Short (Student) Composing Our Stories.

This documentary began as a project for MI 311 Introduction to Documentary Production at Michigan State University. As I filmed Composing Our Stories, I found that the documentary deserved much more than the 12 minute class requirement. I continued to work on Composing Our Stories well past the semester’s end and completed the 35 minute and 19 second film on July 7, 2017.

As an artist, I embrace the spirit of never slowing down. Thank you to all who have supported me in my creative efforts so far. Thank you to Christian for telling wonderful stories, and to Dylan for being a fantastic sound editor and re-recording mixer. A very special thank you to my MI 311 professor, Swarnavel Eswaran, for your guidance and encouragement in this film. My film exists because of you and your teaching.

Declaring Documentary Production as my minor at MSU has been one of my best decisions.

For film-oriented students: Declare Documentary Production as your minor and take MI 311. I have gained so much from MI 311 and the other Documentary Production classes in regard to both film theory and technical experience.

Filming Composing Our Stories was a thrill. Having the opportunity to share such an imaginative and successful person's mind with the world is an eye-opening experience. After watching the film and hearing Christian's stories, I hope that the audience is inspired to dream, create, and love a little bit more.

Until next time,

Zoe Kissel Blog Writing In Filmic Terms Juice Production Newsletter
Grierson's "First Principles of Documentary" in Night Mail (1936)

Grierson's "First Principles of Documentary" in Night Mail (1936)

Juice Production Newsletter #3

Juice Production Newsletter #3