Juice Production Newsletter #9

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I’m Zoë Kissel, the director, editor, and writer of the upcoming short film, Juice.

Juice is a short neo-noir, science fiction film following a young addict’s growing withdrawal and the fatal decision she makes to get high once more. The film takes place in the futuristic world of CityComInfo (CCI). In response to the government-halted heroin epidemic, the black market manufactures a new drug to satisfy the junkies’ enduring hunger to feel that same high. Juice is a drug that hooks people with a single injection. The high itself is much more deadly than the heroin of the past.

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We are beyond excited to announce that Juice is complete and available for your viewing pleasure! It is a surreal and bittersweet feeling to finally have the film finished. After working on Juice for the past eight months, it has become a major part of our lives. Releasing our art into the world is both a scary and magnificent feeling. We are so proud of all we have learned and accomplished through Juice and are even more inspired to make our next film. Thank you for your support, we could not have done this without you.

The final edited timeline of Juice.

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Enjoy your pre-screening here:
Vimeo Link: www.vimeo.com/zoekissel/juice
Vimeo Password (case-sensitive): Juice31818

The film will officially be released and made available to the public on Friday, March 23, 2018 so be sure to take advantage of your pre-screening!

We have also released a trailer for Juice. It’s a quick teaser into the world of CCI. You can view the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/260606581

Credits at the end of the Juice trailer.

Check out Juice and let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you and your reactions as some of the very first people to ever experience our film.

Cast & Crew
Thank you to everyone who has made Juice possible! I have included the official credits for the movie below. Give them a read - these are the people who helped bring Juice to life.

Written, Directed, and Edited by Zoe Kissel
Sound Design by Dylan Kissel
Music Composed by Christian Kolo

Violet      Zoe Kissel
Aunt Marcy      Leila Kissel
Holder 2371      Anthony Picciuto
Violet’s Brother      Dylan Kissel

First Assistant Director      Russ Kissel
Script Supervisor      Ann Kissel
Production Assistant      Leila Kissel
Stand-In for Violet      Arianna Kissel

Director of Photography      Russ Kissel
Second Assistant Camera      Arianna Kissel
Best Boy Electric      Adam Giammarusti
Best Boy Grip      Jeremiah Kissel

Production Designer      Russ Kissel
Property Master      Dylan Kissel
Set Dresser      Ann Kissel
Continuity      Marcia Kissel
Production Stills      Leila Kissel

Music Composed and Produced by Christian Kolo

Sound Designer/Lead Sound Editor      Dylan Kissel
Boom Operators      Adam Giammarusti
                                  Jeremiah Kissel

Special Effects Supervisor      Dylan Kissel
Special Effects Technicians      Anthony Picciuto
                                                   Jeremiah Kissel
                                                   R.J. Kissel

Juice Technical Advisor      Arianna Kissel

Rigging      Adam Giammarusti
                   R.J. Kissel

Craft Services      Leila Kissel

Associate Producers      Durk Dunham
                                        Arnie Feldsher
                                        John and Jennifer Garcia
                                        Russ and Marcia Kissel

With Special Thanks To
Mom and Dad
Durk Dunham
Arnie Feldsher
John and Jennifer Garcia
Russ and Marcia Kissel
Dan and Denise Murphy

Filmed on Location      Wyandotte, Michigan
                                      Detroit, Michigan

A production of Broken Jaw Studios
In association with Silver Saucer Productions

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this film are entirely fictitious.
Any resemblance to a real person or circumstance is purely coincidental.

Juice Copyright 2018 Broken Jaw Studios

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