Juice Production Newsletter #3

Excerpt #3 from the Juice screenplay.


Excerpt #3 from the Juice screenplay.

Thank you for subscribing to our weekly Juice Production Newsletter! Support for our films on any scale is much appreciated. You being interested in what goes on behind-the-scenes helps us to spread the word about our film and reach all audiences possible.

For new subscribers, welcome! I’m Zoë Kissel, the director, editor, and writer of the upcoming short film, Juice. Juice is a sci-fi, neo-noir, futuristic, short film taking place in the world of CityComInfo (CCI). City is the people, Com is the closely watched communication between the people, and Info is the information that “they” choose the public to receive. In response to the government-halted heroin epidemic of the future, a new drug is being manufactured to satisfy the junkies’ enduring want to feel that same high. Juice is a drug that hooks people with a single injection. The high itself is much more potent than the heroin of the past. The film Juice follows a young addict’s growing withdrawal and the fatal decision that she makes to get high once more.

And for returning readers, thanks for sticking around! Enjoy this week’s Juice Production Newsletter #3.

We have a website!
As mentioned in the last newsletter, I have been working on building the official website for Juice. Finally, it is published and ready for visitors. The website features our 2017 Film Patrons, as well as cast and crew photos, facts about the production, and behind-the-scenes images. Also, as we complete our teaser/trailer videos they will be released for viewing on the website. Visit www.thefilmjuice.com, explore our official website, and learn more about the film.


A screenshot of the homepage for www.thefilmjuice.com.

I have also created Juice Facebook and Twitter pages to help build our audience. As an independent artist, I have found that marketing your creations is vital to building reach. Reach means more audiences viewing and, if successful, taking an interest in the “stuff” that you create. This is how you continue to build a following for your future art. Social media is one of the easiest ways to market your projects, whether through a stricter tactic of media generated specifically for your already interested supporters or the simple approach of sharing a quick behind-the-scenes production photo while on set to attract new followers. I recently came across an article written by Jason Brewer with a quote that I loved regarding film success, “You need to think like a blockbuster and grind like an indie.” A conscious effort should be made to share your work via the platform that was created to do just that, social media. After all, if you don’t even share your own projects, how can you expect them to be seen?

Like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thefilmjuice) and follow our Twitter (www.twitter.com/thefilmjuice) for instant updates on the film’s production and any relevant Juice news.


A screenshot of the Juice Twitter page.

Teaser #1 coming soon…
Good news! I have started editing the first teaser video for Juice. It will involve the very important CCI ComBox prop and a lot of fog. The ComBox is introduced on page one of the Juice screenplay. Our main character Violet uses this “video telephone” of the future to call her Aunt Marcy and beg for more drug money. In Teaser #1, the camera will slowly track towards the ComBox and through thick fog. The ComBox screen will display the rotating CCI Logo. The video will begin to “glitch” and cut to Violet stumbling down the street… etc.


A frame of the glitching CCI Logo.

Once I make the cuts for Teaser #1, the video will be sent to Dylan, our Supervising Sound Designer. From there, Dylan will begin to create the soundscape for the world of CCI through foley, sampling, and analog synthesizers. Dylan will make audio decisions in Teaser #1 that will remain for the rest of production. Without giving too much away, the sounds that he creates for the CCI alarms, sirens, and gunshots will be the same sounds that are used in the final film. The initial audio work that Dylan does for Teaser #1 builds the foundation for the entire Juice world.


A raw and untouched frame from Juice’s Teaser #1.

Orange & Teal.
In Juice Production Newsletter #1 I introduced the idea of releasing the film in color. Originally, we had planned on releasing Juice in black and white, but after seeing the richness of the film’s raw footage I fell in love with the color grading possibilities. Color grading is a process done in post-production including both color correction and color effects. Color correction is meant to correct filmed colors so that they look accurate to real life colors. For example, due to a room’s lighting, skin can sometimes take on a heavy orange hue when filmed. The person’s skin isn’t really that orange in real life, so color correction brings down the orange and balances it with the lightest bit of blue. Color effects are artistic choices made for the colors of the film. Certain films color grade to match their genre. For example, dystopian films like District 9 (2009), with the obvious exception of Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), tend to have very washed out and dusty colors. The combination of color correction and color effects produces these recognizable color grading themes.

With Juice, we have decided to use orange and teal color grading. Our raw footage naturally has the orange and teal theme and by pushing the contrast a little bit, I believe that this choice in color grading will make for a beautiful film. Films with the “orange and teal look” have surged in numbers recently, but the idea is not new. While some filmmakers reject this look because it is a “trend”, I embrace orange and teal color grading for fundamental reasons. Remember how we said that orange is corrected with blue? This is because orange and blue are complimentary colors. They are across from each other on the color wheel, meaning that these two colors contrast well. Skin tones tend to always be on the orange spectrum and teal is added to the shadows and blacks of our images to make our characters pop and create depth.


Naturally occurring orange & teal colors in Juice’s raw footage.

Film Patrons Shout Out!
I want to give a huge thank you to this week’s featured film patrons! Thank you so much for your contribution to Juice. With film patrons like you we are able to bring the world of Juice to life. Thank you for continuing to be supportive of and interested in our creative work.

Thank You:
Russ & Leila Kissel
Dan & Denise Murphy
Russ & Marcia Kissel
Dylan Zywicki
Joyce Hollow
Scott Smiddy

If you are interested in becoming a Juice Film Patron, visit www.thefilmjuice.com/donate for more information.

If you have any questions about Juice and the production, feel free to send them in an email to thefilmjuice@gmail.com with the subject “QUESTION SUBMISSION”. I will answer them publicly in the next newsletter!

Until next time,